Photo Editing Services

It is mandatory to use clear and bright images for your businesses so that it can attract visitors. The perfect images influence buying decisions of online as well as offline customers and maximize your sales optimistically. We at D. U. S (Data User Services), help businesses to create their own portfolio of high-quality images at an affordable cost.

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Photo Editing Services

We have a highly trained and experienced team of editors, especially for your portfolio. They have deep knowledge in enhancing the quality of pictures by adding/removing background, correcting colors, cropping / resizing images, removing blemishes, adjusting contrast and brightness, and more. Just send us some samples, our team will edit them free of cost. If you like them, only then we’ll take the whole work according to your instructions. Here is a list of our services under the “Photo Editing” Category

Adding / removing background

Color, brightness and contrast correction

Repairing the damaged parts of the images

Noise / background reduction and removal

Adding innovative effects

Image cropping and resizing.

Removing red eyes.

Whitening the teeth .

Correcting the shape and size

Removing the tears, scratches, spots, etc.

Merging two or multiple photos

Adding and removing logos, watermarks, etc.